Guidance Aviation

I created a brand system for Guidance Aviation that helped the company stake its place as a leader in helicopter pilot training.

Guidance Aviation is a helicopter services company and an industry leader in helicopter pilot training. The company’s unique training curriculum, proprietary technologies and dedicated staff have garnered Guidance a well-deserved reputation for producing professional pilots.

Identity & Art Direction

The Guidance brand mark is well-known in the industry and well loved within the company. However, it needed some refinement.

It was important for the mark to be precise: It should typify mechanical correctness. I straightened lines and normalized curves.

From the mark I developed a system of geometric elements. I created some custom tools to help quickly generate complex assets like the concentric arcs shown below.

Creative Production

I produced a wealth of art and collateral for Guidance.

One of the big-ticket items was a 64 page promotional booklet which I designed, edited, preflighted and shipped.

I also got to make a ton of editorial art for social media and company events. Guidance gave me a quite a bit of freedom with these, and I really enjoyed pushing the brand's playful side.


Working closely with the recruiting and communications teams at Guidance, I took the company's primary marketing site through major redesigns, sorting and shaping marketing content iteratively.

I wireframed, mocked up and coded WordPress themes and plugins for the site.